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Tickets – done.
Packing list – done.
Visa – almost done.
Luggage – done.
Cosmetic and shower bag – finally done.

I wouldn’t be a girl if I didn’t want to travel comfortably and beautifully… I want to share my experience in buying a luggage and cosmetics organizers.

I research the Internet and found out that there are two types of travelers in Lithuania (LT), the ones who:
a) buy a cheap luggage in the local  supermarket;
b) buy a well-known brand luggage abroad or in LT.
Arguments for A group: If their luggage appears broken after the flight, they don’t bother a lot about that and buy the new one (the cheapest).
Arguments against A group: In Lithuania we have a saying “Skūpus moka du kartus” which means greedy pays twice. At some point of  journeys you probably will have paid for the cheap suitcases  as much as for a one or even two pricey. Also you should have in mind that if you buy a cheap Chinese product you support child labor, squeeze on the workers and you damage our environment (the life cycle of  the cheap suitcase is very short).
Arguments for B group: When you buy the brand luggage you usually get a warranty (from 3 to 10 years). This means that if group B’s luggage is broken after the flight, they don’t buy a new one – they get it repaired. So, they don’t damage our environment and don’t support child labor…
Arguments against B group: These well-known brands as SAMSONITE, CAT, CARLTON etc. set a high price for they products and some people couldn’t afford it. On the other hand, these well-known names on your luggage more often catch an eye for a thief.
My plan was to buy a cheap one in LT and then a good – abroad (there are much smaller prices). But it turned out that here I got a gift for my birthday a brand new red (!!!) SAMSONITE luggage. I love it:)))
Good luggage:
1. Luggage with multiple storage compartments.
2. Compression straps on the inside of the luggage are helpful in holding down clothing.
3. Soft-side suitcases allow more flexibility and therefore can better absorb rough baggage handling.
4. Wheels should be securely fastened to your suitcase by durable hardware.
In your opinion: What else is important for a good suitcase?

Cosmetics bag:
I searched for the two bigger than a regular size kits: one for shower and another for my cosmetics. It should be easy to clean and have a handle.  And finally those two vibrant color bags I bought at local supermarket.

Cosmetic bags wish list: